Ramadan 2023: Rules For Married Couples And Relationships (Kissing and Intimacy)

During the holy month of Ramadan, there are lots of strict rules on what you can and what you cannot do as a married couple and in relationships.

The month of Ramadan involves a whole month of daily fasting between early morning and sunset, and sure with meals before and after including five daily prayers throughout the day.

Fasting during Ramadan don’t only means going without any food and drink but also involves abstaining from other regular activities in order to focus your mind and body on the spiritual reflection, religious study and doing good deeds for others.

Many worshippers often prepare with voluntary fasting in the preceding month, along with trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle and increasing their prayers and worship. But there are still many questions about what exactly is permitted during Ramadan.

What are the rules for married couples and relationships during Ramadan?​

During the hours of fasting on each day of Ramadan, any intimate activity is not allowed. This means it’s only ok for couples to kiss, hug, cuddle and have S*x in the hours before fasting begins and after it ends – as long as they are husband and wife.

Islam doesn’t approve of sexual relationships between those who are not married nor does it permit any kissing in public. Muslim scholars say that during Ramadan, unmarried couples should be apart and only spend time with their own families, in order to avoid any temptations to be affectionate or sexual that could arise from being in other’s company.

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Source: https://abujabuzz.com/ramadan-2023-rules-for-married-couples-and-relationships/20541/

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